10U Girls Rules

Perry Junior League 10U Girls Rules

Revised 1-19-18


  1. Games will be 1 hour and 30 min or 6 innings.

  2. Batting will end with 3 outs or 7 runs.

  3. Batting lineup will be continuous. The first batter of each inning will be the batter listed in the lineup after the last batter from the previous inning.  For example, if batters 1-5 bat in the first inning, batter 6 will begin the second inning.   

  4. A team may start and finish a game with 8 players.  The start of a game may be delayed by 10 minutes if one of the teams does not have 8 players present.  If the required number of players is not present after 10 minutes, that team must forfeit the game.  Start times will not be delayed if 8 or more players are present.

  5. In order for the defensive team to prevent additional base running, the ball must be held inside of the pitcher’s circle or the lead runner must be contained.

  6. There are NO LIMITATIONS on overthrows; the ball will be live until the requirements of Rule 2 have been met.

  7. Coaches will NOT be allowed to pitch to players.  The defensive team will provide a player to pitch the entire game.

  8. A game running 6 innings may end in a tie during the regular season.

  9. Chin strap on helmet is optional.

  10. Dixie Softball recommends that all infielders use a face mask during offensive play.

  11. The team will receive one warning for a player slinging a bat.  For all other occurrences, the batter will be called out.

  12. The team will receive on warning for players being outside the dugout.  The next occurrence will result in the ejection of the Head Coach.

  13. Runners may leave the base path to avoid interference, but MAY NOT leave the base path to avoid a tag. Runners must slide or surrender at any base a defensive play is being made on. No headfirst slides at any base. Runners MUST slide at home plate to avoid a collision or be called OUT.

  14. If the final out of the inning is made in the field while the batter has yet to complete her turn, the same batter will return to the plate as the lead off batter at the next inning.

  15. There will be NO protected stealing. If runners are on 1st and 3rd and the catcher throws to 2nd to attempt to catch the runner stealing, the runner at 3rd may advance with the liability of being put out.

  16. The umpire will announce and make the determination of game time and be responsible for monitoring time left.

  17. A new inning of a game will not be started within 10 min of time expiring, but the inning must be finished unless the home team is batting and in the lead, or the visiting teams ½ inning is completed and they are behind in the score.  

  18. Any rule not listed here will be referenced in the Dixie Youth Rule Book.