6U Girls Rules

Perry Junior League 6U Girls Rules

Revised 3-24-2022


  1. Games will have a 1-hour time limit.

  2. A new inning of a game will not be started within 10 min of time expiring, but the inning must be finished unless the home team is batting and in the lead, or the visiting team’s ½ inning is completed and they are behind in the score.

  3. The inning is over when one of the following occurs: 7 runs are scored or 3 outs are acquired or the 10th batter completes her at-bat.

  4. When a team cannot mathematically come back to win or tie a game, the game will end.

  5. Run Rule is 15 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5.

  6. A continuous batting order will be utilized and enforced throughout the game.

  7. A team may start and finish a game with 8 players. The start of a game may be delayed by 10 minutes if one of the teams does not have 8 players present. If the required number of players is not present after 10 minutes, that team must forfeit the game. Start times will not be delayed if 8 or more players are present. Players arriving after the start of the game will be added to the end of the lineup.

  8. Coach pitchers will deliver 3 pitches to the batter. If the batter does not hit one of those pitches, she will be allowed two chances to hit the ball off a batting tee. If the batter is unable to hit any of the pitches or off the tee, she is out.

  9. The coach pitcher must pitch from within the designated pitching circle with the coach pitcher’s feet remaining in the designated pitching circle until the pitch is released. If the coach pitcher does not remain in the circle, a violation shall be called by the umpire with the defensive team having the option of taking the play or a no pitch.

  10. The coach pitcher shall exit the playing field behind the runner or away from any play on the field when the ball is hit into fair play to avoid interference. If the umpire determines interference on the coach pitcher, the batter shall be declared out and all runners shall return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. The coach pitcher shall be warned and a second occurrence in the game shall result in the removal of the coach pitcher from the mound to the dugout for the remainder of the game.

  11. If the coach pitcher is hit by the ball, it is a dead ball and will be declared a no pitch.

  12. The coach pitcher may coach or verbally position the batter only, prior to the delivery of a pitch. A coach may physically position the batter only once during the batter’s at bat.

  13. Time will be called ONLY when a player has possession of the ball inside of the pitching circle or the lead runner has been contained. Runners may advance at their own risk until time is called by the umpire. A live ball inside or rolling through the circle DOES NOT stop play. Any runners not halfway to the next base when time is called must return to their respective bases.

  14. Overthrown balls to bases will allow all runners to advance one base only. Additional bases may be taken on an overthrow if defensive player attempts to make a play.

  15. Infield fly rule is not applicable.

  16. All batters must wear a helmet with a chin strap.

  17. Dixie Softball recommends that all infielders use a face mask during offensive play.

  18. Batted ball must pass the 10-ft circle in front of home plate to be considered a live ball.

  19. Bunting is not allowed.

  20. A tie score is allowable during regular season games.

  21. The pitcher player must make an attempt to throw to 1st base unless momentum moves the player directly to a tag. The pitcher can tag other runners when an obvious tag can be made. The pitcher is not allowed to run down a player advancing to 1st base.

  22. The pitcher player must stand with one foot inside the circle until the ball is put in play.

  23. A runner is not allowed to leave the base until the pitcher delivers a pitch and the ball crosses the plate.

  24. The catcher is only required to wear a helmet and mask.

  25. Two coaches are allowed in the field during their defensive half of the inning.

  26. The umpire will announce and make the determination of game time and be responsible for monitoring time left.

  27. In the event of a rainout, a game is considered complete if two innings have been completed OR if the home team is winning and 1½ innings have been completed.

  28. Any rule not listed here will be referenced in the Dixie Softball Rule Book.