Players Code of Conduct



  • Display good sportsmanship and team play at all times

  • Follow the direction of the coaching staff

  • Respect all coaches, players, league officials umpires and spectators

  • Make every attempt to be on time and ready to play for all games and practices


  • Use abusive or profane language

  • Taunt or humiliate any other player

  • Question an umpires call

  • Abuse, mistreat or mishandle any Perry Junior League equipment or property


All members of the organization are subject to consequences which may lead to discipline or possible termination of membership as determined necessary by the Perry Junior League Board of Directors due to failure to comply with the code of conduct. All members agree to abide by these rules as part of their registration in the program. It is the responsibility of all members to be familiar with the guidelines set forth in the Code of Conduct.